Special Olympics

special-olympics-az-logo2Family Partners is looking forward to participating in Special Olympics! We are currently trying to gauge the level of interest from members served by Family Partners. If interested, please fill out the form below. Family Partners will use this information to organize teams, coaches, schedule practices, and plan for events.

Also, available to download are: (1) the Athlete Medical Form, (2) the Official Special Olympics Consent Form, and (3) the Special Olympics Athlete & Unified Partners' Code of Conduct Form. These forms are required in order to become part of Family Partners' Special Olympics team but do not need to be turned in at this time. Keep the Athlete Medical Form in mind if there are any upcoming medical appointments scheduled. The Athlete Medical Form is valid for 3 years.

Once we have more information on dates of the events and when the required forms are due we will definitely pass it on to you.

If you have any questions please contact Family Partners at 602.997.8300 or email info@familypartners.net.

Thank You.

Special Olympics Interest Form